VibMat sound mattress

Is easy connected to computer, smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, after that the music and the low-frequency vibrations can be played on the mattress. Laying on mattress the person’s whole body is stimulated by sound waves. Low-frequency soundwave stimulation is relaxing and comfortable.

The VibMat consists of a mattress and an amplifier bag, they are easily connected to each other with a Speakon connector. The amplifier bag contains a bluetooth amplifier with cables.

The total length of the VibMat sound mattress is 195 cm, width 65 and height 12 cm. The three-part mattress weighs about 12 kg, it can be transported and stored in the carrying bag. The VibMat sound mattress can also be made into a two-part 130 cm version.

The price of the VibMat sound mattress is 1700 € (incl. VAT). (1371 €)
The price of a two-part mattress is 1350 € (incl. VAT). (1089 €)

Vibmat / tmi Kimmo Pyhäluoto

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